Corona & Vaccination

The Dutch government has introduced new rules as of September 25, 2021.
As of this date, the following applies:

- The 1,5 meter measure will expire
- The digital corona pass (QR-code) is introduced for entrance in restaurant, pub and theater
- Catering establishments, nightclubs and discos are open until 00.00 hours
- Face masks in public transport (such as buses and trains) are still required

Vaccination is important for our employees and for their personal and work environment. A vaccination protects not only you personally, but also the people around you. If everyone gets vaccinated, corona will no longer be able to spread. Step by step we will regain more freedom. Thus, a vaccination protects not only you. But also your family, friends and the vulnerable people around you.

Are you not yet vaccinated, but would like to be vaccinated? Please, contact your coördinator.